BOOK REVIEW: The Other Side of Gravity by Shelly Crane


Title: The Other Side of Gravity

Series: Oxygen #1

Author: Shelly Crane

Publisher: Kiss Me Publications, LLC

Publication Date: March 15, 2016

Format: Kindle

Number of Pages: 262

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Science Fiction


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My name is Maxton and I’m a trader.

I live on a soulless planet where gravity, oxygen, and everything else are sold to the highest bidder on the black market. People are sold on the black market, too. You have to work really hard not to become one of those people. Pay your taxes, keep your friends and family close, and more than anything else—don’t get caught by the Militia. But all the rules changed for me the day I found her.

My name is Sophelia and I’m a stowaway.

I’ve been a slave for almost as long as I can remember. Waiting for the one day, one second, for my proprietor to turn his head so I could run and never look back. Now I’m on the run. And on a planet where no one is on your side and people would turn you in for a good meal or a piece of a silver, being on the run on Landu is the last place you want to be. Until he found me.

I won’t survive without him.

I can’t breathe without her. ”


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I really don’t know what to say and how to start this but one thing’s for sure, I NEED MORE.


“One day you’ll get to fly, Soph, just like Pan and Wendy. Fly away home to a better place where everything is brighter, boys are never lost, and mothers don’t ever leave.”


The story starts so dramatic and heart breaking. It had set my expectations very high and now, I am just looking forward to read the other books in this series. Oxygen series is a series I will definitely read ’till the end. I can’t wait for the next books to come!

Over seven hundred years ago when the Exodus happened, the humanity needed to leave and live in a planet – behind the sun, on the warmest side, thousand miles away from it, opposite of the Earth – called Landu.


“Landu is our saving grace. Or our prison. I’ve heard mommy says.”

Planet Landu is definitely not the kind of place everyone would dream of.It’s way horrible than Earth. It is covered with gray and red. And the kind of government Landu has is much worse than Earth could ever have.

It is a place where being incapable of paying your taxes means you’re dead. Where everything means money. Where you’ll need to pay for the oxygen you breathe and the gravity that keeps you from floating. It is a place where the Congress will always be at the top and the rest will always be at the bottom.

The world building is so deep and strong. I love the techies. It’s just like I’m time travelling. It feels like I’m seeing the world hundred years from now. And it made me see what may happen if people continued to act this way. – if we continued to destroy our God’s creation.

The idea of planet Landu is quite similar to Red Queen’s Norta, or The Selection’s Illea – where people’s worth were being determined by the castes the government thinks they belong. Landu, unlike Norta or Illea doesn’t have an official caste system. There’s no label. It’s either you’re with the higher ones, or the lower ones. There is no in between. Either you work your ass off to pay your taxes until you die, or you will just live luxuriously.

I love these kinds of settings – I love to see humans push through their limits and revolt.

The story is told on alternating POV’s, on Sophelia T8’s and Maxton Q1’s. A slave and a black market trader.

Sophelia T8 is a slave. Sophelia’s parents were already dead. Her father died when she’s very young, while her mother died when she’s just 10 years old – which made her being incapable of paying her taxes – that brought her to being a slave. Her life is miserable – or should I say being a slave is miserable. The world had been really tough on her. And that what made her so much stronger.

Sophelia is very tough, independent, and has trust issues. She thinks that everyone will betray or hurt her. She’s afraid of getting close and attached to anyone. She grew up serving other person which made her think she doesn’t belong to herself anymore. She’s just a girl whose childhood was stolen from her 10 years ago because she cannot pay her taxes. And now she doesn’t even know what pancakes or cheese is all about.

Maxton Q1 is a black market trader. Maxton has a secret, and that’s the main reason why he is working on the black market.

Maxton is independent, persuasive, strong, protective and a man any woman would ask for. He is also a sweet-talker. Everything that comes from his mouth makes me giggle almost all the time! He’s making me feel so giddy. If you just didn’t know that he’s aloof of girls, you will really think that he is a playboy. But he’s not. He never laid his eyes on any other girls but except for Sophelia.

And what I really love about them aside from their personalities is the fact that while Maxton is trying to be in good terms with Sophelia, Sophelia is always trying to make the walls she built around herself to protect her even stronger. I love when Sophelia is pushing him away. It’s just like while Maxton is trying to destroy the walls, Sophelia is rebuilding it. Always.


“Are you okay now that you’ve got your gravity in you?” I joked softly.

She lifted her head and said just as softly, shyly, like she was just realizing something herself and didn’t know what to make of it. “There is no gravity. The only thing holding me to this planet is you.”



Another good thing about this book is the alternating of point of views. That really has a great effect on readers. Knowing Sophelia’s side and then Maxton’s. Usually, this way of telling a story is not the best way to do because it may lessen the excitement and the curiosity that a reader has. But this book is an exemption. It did great. It really makes me swooning. It’s excellent. And it made the book even more entertaining.


“Your scars are beautiful because of who you are and what you did to earn them. As for you being a plague? If that’s so then please, please infect me. Because I want everything you’ve got to give me.”

The idea of this book is so fresh and enthralling. And I can’t really wait to see how Sophelia and Maxton – together with The Patriots – will start a revolution. I need to see what Sophelia T8 and Maxton Q1’s characters can give. I need to see them grow stronger. I need to see them push through their limits.

The story is soooo great. Not to mention that the book’s title, cover, and description are already catchy. I’m glad I picked this one.

If you are finding a book that is set on a different world, very entertaining, has a very interesting characters and doesn’t have a cliché plot, this is perfect for you. I definitely recommend this to all YA Fantasy and Dystopia fans out there!





hkk                                                    5 of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


4951964Shelly is a NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author from a small town in Georgia and loves everything about the south. She is wife to a fantastical husband and stay-at-home mom to two boisterous and mischievous boys who keep her on her toes. She hoards paperbacks, devours sweet tea, searches year-round for candy corn, and loves to spend time with her family and friends, go out to eat at new restaurants, site-see in the new areas they travel to, listen to music, and, of course, loves to read, but doesn’t have much time to these days with all the characters filling her head begging to come out.

Her own books happen by accident and she revels in the writing and imagination process. She doesn’t go anywhere without her notepad for fear of an idea creeping up and not being able to write it down immediately, even in the middle of the night, where her best ideas are born.


Find her on: 





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4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: The Other Side of Gravity by Shelly Crane

    1. Hello Lefty! 😊 Yes, sounds very intriguing right? Some people found it a little bit disappointing at the middle but I know this book has something more to give and I really can’t wait for the next books. Thank you very much! I hope you’ll like this. I love this book it has a lot of potential. Can I add you on GR? 😊


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