BOOK REVIEW: Minor Gods by A.M. Yates

Title: Minor Gods

Series: Summoners #1

Author: A.M. Yates

Publisher: A.M. Yates

Publication Date: February 09, 2014

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 378

yg - Copy


Josie Day has spent her life training to lead the Core—summoners who use ancient masks to channel the elemental powers of the gods.

But then her mother is murdered by a mysterious Earth Goddess. And the power meant to be Josie’s passes to her sister instead. Worse, the Earth Goddess escapes.

Now, Josie must prepare her sister to lead the fractious Core. Except her sister would rather be hanging at the mall with her too-perfect boyfriend. And, in truth, Josie would rather be hunting down the Goddess.

When the Goddess returns and attacks, a shadowy Fire God comes to the rescue. But until Josie knows who is behind the mask, she isn’t sure she wants his help or the heat igniting between them.

With the Goddess plotting a war against humanity, Josie has to accept what she’s lost if she’s going to save what she has left.



“She wanted the heat to stay, to surround and fill and melt her, all the way through.”


Josie Day spent her whole life training to become the next Triune. Until one day, her mother – which is the current Triune – had been killed and out of nowhere, the powers that should be passed to Josie had been passed to her sister Tessa who is definitely not willing to do the job.


Reading the prologue, I really thought that this is nothing compared to Stealer, my first read from Miss A.M. Yates which I really like. The prologue is really confusing because of the terms that you will only understand if you carry on reading. And Josie swears a lot on the prologue which made me have a very bad first impression about her. After reading the prologue, I actually had a hard time making myself proceed because I really thought that I will not like it. Well, I was proven wrong.


Josie Day is bad ass. She’s focused, always in control. I love her character. She was trained all her life to lead. Before, they thought she was someone very important assuming that she will be the next Triune. Now, they just thought she was a reject. While grieving, seeking for revenge and accepting the fact that she is not the Triune, Josie slowly becomes someone she hadn’t expected her to be – normal. From being so guarded and control freak, she begun feeling things she haven’t felt before. She used to think that you can always control the emotions you will let yourself feel, that feelings are just distractions but now, it seems like she’s not that Josie anymore. And I like it, I like how her character slowly changed.


The characters in this book are very much like real. Their different personalities are keeping things in balance. They are just too perfectly fit for their roles. And I really can’t wait to have more of Beech, my favorite. If Josie hated Judah at the very start, I also feels the same and hated him even more at the end.


“I’m going to release you now,” he said.

She nodded, too focused on holding back the tears to speak.

“This is probably going to hurt,” he said.


The romance is what I really love in this book. One sided love. Not knowing if he feels the same. And not wanting to fall in love at all. I love the idea of a human falling in love with a god – a fire god. And the idea of not knowing who is the summoner behind this mask, who is the human summoning this god, and who are you really falling in love with. There is just the right amount of pain and romance between this two that will make its way through your heart and will make you feel the way how hurt and in love the character(s) are.


The world building is great, too strong. It’s just another typical not-easily-comprehendible world from Miss A.M. Yates. She’ll introduce us to a world full of gods. I like the things about the gods and summoning them by using masks and there are also Charms and the Core, the Tribe, the Eye, the Beyond and many more which I really find hard to remember and understand at first. It will really make your imagination work. Though almost half way through it, I began to seek for romance because I find these things about gods too much and the romance had been focused only almost at the end which I just realized eventually, made things balanced.


The first book in the Summoners series is definitely focused on its fantasy thing rather than anything else but the end made me hope that the book two will be different. I’m really hoping for more of the romance in this book because it’s just really great that I am really in need to feel the love and the pain of the characters involved again.


The ending answered questions that may shock you (if you don’t have a guess like mine), make you cringe, or probably hurt you on what is about to happen.


After reading this, all I really want is more. Miss A.M. Yates gives us another cliff hanger. And I really need the second and final installment ASAP. It is just another book fantasy lovers would really love and enjoy.


Disclaimer: Thank you very much Miss A. M. Yates for providing me a finished copy in exchange of an honest book review. The book received doesn’t affect my review.



4 of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐


7834523A.M. Yates is the author of YA urban fantasy and paranormal romance, including Summoners and The Horizon Cycle. She spends most of her time living in worlds other than this one.

She does not leave reviews on books in her own genres or closely related ones. But if a book appears on her “read” shelf, it means she thought it was good enough to recommend.

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Thank you!

-Karina 😊

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