BOOK BLITZ: Mega Romance & Erotica + GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to the Romance and Erotica Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

We’re so glad you stopped by! A lot of great authors are giving away a HUGE Amazon Gift Card to one lucky Romance and/or Erotica reading fan! (Yes, we check, and only true romance book worms qualify to win! But there WILL be a winner, which will be publicly announced in the Facebook Party HERE on December 2nd!


Here are a couple of sneak peeks from the EPIC Romance and Erotica Group with Rebecca Hamilton!

Sweetest Mistake by Amy Olle

Luke bared his teeth. “You don’t like me.”

Emily shrugged her dainty shoulders and took a diminutive sip of her drink. A kiss of moisture remained on her small mouth when she returned the glass to the table.

“Everyone likes me,” he felt compelled to point out.

Her snort of disbelief rankled. “Because y-you’re so modest, no doubt.”

That was it. Time to hit the reset button on this debacle and return things to the way they were before she showed him every delicious inch of her naked body.

He eased back in the booth and folded his arms over his abdomen. “Ah, I get it. There’s something wrong with you, isn’t there? A personality disorder, maybe?”

A lick of fire flared in her eyes.

An answering spark shot to his groin.

“It is odd, I’ll admit,” she said. “I mean, w-why w-would I dislike the cop who, w-with zero evidence and even less reason to be suspicious, has accused me of an array of grievous crimes ranging from distracted driving to frowning?”

“Are you still mad about that? I apologized, didn’t I?”

“I’m sure you were just doing your job to the best of y-your abilities.”

“That’s right,” he said. “It’s hard, thankless work keeping the streets of Thief Island free from thugs and hoodlums.”

“Is it hard work keeping track of all the w-women you accuse of felony frowning?”

He wanted to kiss her.

“Don’t be silly. Lack of respect shown to a public servant isn’t a felony. Tactless and repugnant, maybe, but not a felony.”

She sighed. “Experienced as y-you are with moral corruption, I trust you’re right.”

From across the table, his brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law watched the exchange with wide eyes, their heads volleying like spectators at a sporting event.

Luke tilted his pint and downed the last drop of Guinness. He pushed to his feet. “Speaking of moral corruption, I need to talk to our brother about his children.”

Noah straightened. “What about them?”

“Their obsession with My Little Pony has gotten out of hand. It’s time for an intervention.”

Noah laughed and Luke clapped him on the shoulder. “Congratulations again, you two. Let me know the details when you have them.” Then, with an exaggerated snap of his fingers, he swiveled toward Emily. “Oh, I almost forgot.”

She regarded him with dark mistrust. Smart girl.

He let loose with the smile that whipped color into her cheeks. “I have your panties with me. Would you like them back now or shall I hold on to them for later?”

She choked on the chip she’d just popped into her kissable mouth.

“You were in such a hurry to get dressed, you must’ve forgotten all about them.”

Her mouth moved with little pinches and odd twitches while she struggled to find and form words. Insults she wished to hurl at him, most likely.

Except she didn’t.

In a flash of movement, she bounded from the booth. He shifted his weight to block her retreat and startled Tootsie Pop-brown eyes flew to his face.

He braced for her retribution. Would it be a cool dressing-down or a fiery tongue-lashing? He hoped the latter.

Instead, her expression crumpled and she shoved her way past him.

Disappointment sliced through him. He turned in the direction she fled.


Luke looked down at Noah’s hand clamped on his arm.

“Are you two going to be able to play nice?” Worry shimmered in Noah’s dark eyes.

“No worries, brother.” A smile twisted Luke’s lips. “I always play nice.”

Cadence by Lisa Swallow

The ensuite door clicks open and Jax appears. Naked. Almost. A white hotel towel is slung and knotted low around his hips, barely reaching his knees, but aside from that… naked.

Naked. My breath disappears. The word won’t leave my head; and if I closed my eyes, I’m damn sure the image of his firm, muscular chest glistening with water wouldn’t leave either.

Relieved my mouth isn’t hanging open, I attempt to switch on the snarky Tegan who was about to give him a mouthful. Jax runs a hand through his damp hair and I’m distracted by the drops of water on his lips as they curve into a sheepish smile.

“Oh, hey, Tegan.”

Hey, Tegan? I clear my throat and tear my look from his mouth. “Why haven’t you left yet? You have a shower in your own room!”

Jax’s lips purse with confusion. “Uh. Waiting for you. I wanted to talk to you about last night. I woke up in your bed, but you weren’t there. I know I was drunk but…” He stares at my gym gear or more precisely how the purple gym vest and black pants hug my curves. “I’m damn sure I’d remember if I’d been naked with you.”

The darkened look in Jax’s eyes reflects exactly what’s happening in his imagination. I remain focused on his eyes. Do. Not. Look. At. His. Body.

My eyes drifts downwards and I fight against lingering on the solid abs and the light trail of hair disappearing into the knotted towel. Has he tattoos any lower than where the blue stars are inked on his skin at the edge of the towel?

I blink away the image. “Last night, you stood me up, then barged into my room in the early hours, whined for a bit before you passed out on my bed. Way to impress a girl.”

Jax tips his head towards the bed. “Could’ve been worse. Or better, depending on which way you want to look at the situation.”

I focus hard on not staring some more at Jax, or acknowledging I’m suddenly less pissed off and more aroused. “You should be so lucky!”

Jax steps towards me. “One day I think I will be, we agreed.”

I look directly into Jax’s eyes, so I can’t be tempted by his mouth — or any other part of him in touching distance. “Put some clothes on.”

“Or you could take yours off?”

I want to retort; but unsure whether my voice will fail and give my state of mind away, I clamp my mouth closed.

Jax inches closer and I back up. “Come on, Tegan, I can see in your face what you’re thinking.”

“I doubt that.” I swallow. I should turn and walk away, but memories of the way Jax kisses leads to temptation for more. “Get dressed.”

Jax sticks his bottom lip out, turns his back, and approaches the bed, hands going to the edge of the knot securing the towel. Before I get a view of his ass to bank with the other images, I spin around and leave the room.

“Nice try!” I call and Jax’s response is laughter.






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