ARC REVIEW: Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh

ISBN: 9781510703483

Title: Fear the Drowning Deep

Author: Sarah Glenn Marsh

Publisher: Sky Pony Press

Expected Release Date: October 11, 2016

Format: eARC

Number of Pages: 304

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Paranormal


Witch’s apprentice Bridey Corkill has hated the ocean ever since she watched her granddad dive in and drown with a smile on his face. So when a dead girl rolls in with the tide in the summer of 1913, sixteen-year-old Bridey suspects that whatever compelled her granddad to leap into the sea has made its return to the Isle of Man.

Soon, villagers are vanishing in the night, but no one shares Bridey’s suspicions about the sea. No one but the island’s witch, who isn’t as frightening as she first appears, and the handsome dark-haired lad Bridey rescues from a grim and watery fate. The cause of the deep gashes in Fynn’s stomach and his lost memories are, like the recent disappearances, a mystery well-guarded by the sea. In exchange for saving his life, Fynn teaches Bridey to master her fear of the water — stealing her heart in the process.

Now, Bridey must work with the Isle’s eccentric witch and the boy she isn’t sure she can trust — because if she can’t uncover the truth about the ancient evil in the water, everyone she loves will walk into the sea, never to return.


“Maybe some wonder what’s in the deep, far beyond their reach, but none of them know, and they never will.”


Set in an isolated island? YEEES!! ✔

Witch? YES, YES, YES! ✔

Terrifying sea monsters? OHH FREAKING YES! ✔


The exact reactions and emotions I felt in gifs:

After Bridey told the story about her Granddad


FYNN first appearance



p. 176



images (10)



images (11)

Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh is screaming perfection. Perfect setting, perfect characters, well-executed plot, beautiful and excellent writing. What else I or even you, could ask for?

First chapter and I was already hooked, my interest already caught. Fear the Drowning Deep brought me to the Isle of Man back on 1913. Reading the first line of this book, I was already transported and dragged into the Isle of Man. Like, I already know at that very first page that this will be a very entertaining journey. It gave me such a wonderful experience. It feels like I’m completely there. Reading and pausing to read this book literally felt like traveling to reality (when I’m not reading it) at back again to 1913, Isle of Man (when I resumed reading).

The characters have strong voices, believable, and undeniably realistic. From the main to the least characters, Sarah Glenn Marsh knows what kind of characters are supposed to be there. Each, from the female main Bridey to the fisherman or vendor at the market, carries that character or attributes someone whose living in an island back on 1913 should have. And that contributed a lot to the historical-fiction feels it gives.

Bridey Ridley Corckill or “Bird” reminds me of Feyre Archeon. The situation where they came from and their purpose is not far from each other, they’ll do everything just for their family. Compassionate and determined to save not only her family but her town to the deadly creatures hiding far in the deep. She isn’t fearless, but ready to be one when needed especially when her family and town is in danger.

I love Bridey’s journey of saving her family and a town who doesn’t believe her. Her strong character somehow infected me. Bridey and I share the same fear – the sea. For someone who is scared of big bodies of water just like me, I never thought that this book might at least lessen the fear I have and give me at least a slight encouragement I need to be brave enough and think of facing big bodies of water again. The journey of Bridey facing her demons and greatest fears gave me hope. She’s an infectious, brave character.

The world-building is perfect. PERCFECT. PERFECT. PERFECT. The world-building is screaming perfection. Visualizing the whole Isle of Man and its people in my head, it gives me the feels of watching Marina, a Filipino teleserye about mermaids and other sea creatures which is loved by most Filipinos. How the world of Fear the Drowning Deep was built will surely amazed you. The feels both stories give to its readers or viewers were the same.

The ending was painfully beautiful. As a huge fan of Brynn (Bridey + Fynn) it definitely left me hanging. Personally, if it is just possible to change the end and Miss Sarah Glenn Marsh to re-write it, I would be glad for that to happen. It’s not that I don’t like it – of course I do like it – but because of the love I had for this book, I never expected such an end. I honestly had a hard time accepting it because it makes my heart ache. That was so unexpected. It has an open end but the good thing about the end is it’s unpredictable and yes, still beautiful – painfully beautiful. Some people may find it already satisfying or find it still unacceptable just like me.

Other Strengths/Likes:

Family Dynamics. Such a surprise. From Bridey’s Ma and Da, to her sisters especially Grayse to Morag, it was such a surprise to finally see a family like this in YA. I rarely read in books or reviews that there’s a family in YA worth mentioning for but this – the Corkill’s – is worth it. Normally, I see utterly problematic families in YA. Dead parents, dead siblings, broken family, addict or sick family member, anything, you can name it. It was really such a surprise to see a family like this, not perfect but whole and loving. The Corckill’s family welcomed me to their home just as they welcomed Fynn.

Humor. There is always that sliver of humor amidst every dramatic, intense or sad encounter. I find it very amusing how Bridey or Fynn or even the other characters (especially the Corckill’s) can crack a humorous line amidst the intense or dramatic scene. That was really great. It’s one of the greatest thing contributes to make Fear the Drowning Deep a very much entertaining read.


BriLugh  (lol. Did I just made an epic name for Bridey and Lugh???) I’m not really a fan of this two. To be honest, at the very start, I picture the 16 year old Bridey as a little girl until she and Lugh, kissed. I always thought that Bridey is too young (at heart), that all that matters is her family and her desire to be far away from that island. And Bridey and Lugh’s relationship just didn’t worked for me. They’re a bit forced. There’s no connection. They’re definitely better off as friends.

The last and very important thing I loved about Fear the Drowning Deep is the writing. It was beautiful. Every words, every lines, every page were used perfectly. No boring pages, just an open end. It was full of entertainment. The writing of Sarah Glenn Marsh is incredible. She’s an author to watch for.

Haunting and gripping, Fear the Drowning Deep will devour you and stay with you even after the end.


Be prepared to be drowned on Fear the Drowning Deep.


“Nothing from the ocean is meant to survive on land forever.”


5 flowers.jpg


Just because men haven’t seen them doesn’t make them any less real.

People here will believe anything. The wilder the tale, the better.

“Fighting isn’t always about being strongest.” Fynn squeezed my shoulders. “Winning demands cleverness and strength of will, as you well know.”

“I thought you were beautiful. Warm and light. The kind of beauty a creature like me, from the cold and the dark, can only hope to grasp for the briefest moment before it slips away like water through human fingers. I just wanted to give you something pretty.”

“There’s a kernel of truth in some rumors. Remember that. ”


10909117Sarah Glenn Marsh writes young adult fantasy novels full of danger, mythology, and kissing. Sometimes she writes children’s picture books, too.

She lives, writes, and paints things in Virginia, supported by her husband and four senior greyhounds.

If she could, she’d adopt ALL THE ANIMALS.

Oh, and she’d love to be your friend on Goodreads or over on Twitter.

Find her on:

Website | Twitter | Goodreads


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