Hi there! *waves tiredly* (because just got home from uni)

I’m here to give you my reading schedule and a little bit life update. It’s my first time to post a life update on my blog. And I decided to include it on my Reading Schedule post because it’s necessary (yup! necessary).

Here’s a review copy and a finished copy I am currently reading:

Here are the review and finished copies I am planning need to read and review for the next few months:

These eARCs, ARCs, and books listed above are either provided by the author, publisher, Netgalley or Edelweiss. I also have a long list of unread books on my shelf that I purchased for the past few months that I BADLY want to read but I am not yet sure when, though I’m planning to read Illumiae or Throne of Glass in the near future IF I can. My priority right now is to finish the review copies I listed above.


First, I want to give thanks to God for helping me survive the last semester.

Taking Bachelor of Science in Economics is really not what I want to take and study. I always wanted to take Bachelor of Science in Psychology but things happened so I didn’t get what I truly want. I am now on second year college and thanks God, I survived a year on a course that I didn’t really love (but I’m now trying). Being on college was already a though journey, how much more if you’re not on the course that you love, right? On my 1st year, first semester, I managed to do well though my grade on our Math subject is not high. On the second semester, we already had our major subjects and that’s where everything in my life became a blur and a mess. That semester was the hardest in my whole college life so far. That’s the time where it finally sink in to my mind that I’m not on the course I think I should be. I’m not on the course I have at least 7-8 out of 10 chances and not 3-4 out of 10 chances of graduating. I’m not on the course my mind and heart is always dreaming and thinking of. I felt like I don’t belong on that field. I was so depressed to the point that I don’t feel like going to school anymore, and that resulted to my fail grades. But this time, I want to be positive. I’m trying to make my life and perspective positive and brighter now. And I’m definitely saying good bye to depression. I know it isn’t easy but this time, I swear I’ll try my best to be as happy as possible as I can and fight the demons inside me. I will not surrender to depression anymore. And this semester’s mantra for me is “Keep fighting! Keep fighting! Keep fighting! Keep fighting!” I finally accepted it. There’s a reason why God put me here. So I failed two of my subjects (both Majors) on that semester and I decided to make a comeback last semester. Fortunately, it had a great result! I got high grades!! *Yippiee!* And I THANK God for that. 💕🙏

Now, it’s 22nd of November and it’s already the third week since classes resumed from the semmestral break. This is my third week on being a 2nd year Economics college student again and I can already feel how harder this semester will be. Dang! My bookish friends, do you know how f*cked up my schedule is for this sem? Oh well, here it is. So I have classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays! *cries* I only have one day left – Sunday – to spend resting, reading or worse, doing more academic stuffs! But anyways, it’s okay ‘cause like I’ve said earlier, I’m trying to be positive. So I’ll just take whatever God will give.

I decided to post a short life updated together with my reading schedule to give an explanation on how slow I am reading right now. I AM SLOWER THAN EVER!!! I’m really a slow reader but I’m telling you, I became slower. Can you imagine how slow is that? lol. There are days when I can’t read a single page anymore or even open a book. Because of my everyday schedule, I just really have a small amount of time to rest, read, and blog. It is sad, really. I want to read more as soon as I can before this year ends but I don’t think I can read the amount of books I want to finish this year.

So yeah basically, I’m not quite sure if I will be active on reading and blogging for these next few months. I need to study more on this course because dang! It’s fucking HARD! (I HATE NUMBERS) But I am sure to find ways and time to read and be updated on what’s new and what’s happening here on blogosphere or Twitter. And if you sent me a review copy, I’m very sorry if it’s taking me so long! I hope – though I’m sure you will – understand!

Love you all bookish peeps!



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