What Are We Bookworms Always Waiting For?

As a bookworm and a book blogger, my day wouldn’t pass without waiting for something. Of course, we are all waiting for something. And one of those things is BOOKS. We are all waiting to have the capacity to purchase new books to add to our book thrones every time, right? But is that the only thing bookworms always wait for? OF COURSE NOT! There are more! But what are those?


Here, I am going to list all the things I am always waiting for as a bookworm and a book blogger. These are the things my day wouldn’t pass without thinking of.




Of course, BOOK MAIL! Most of us buy books on our local bookstores and that includes me. I like buying books on the bookstores because it feels like I myself am guiding that baby home. So it feels really special. But book mails are another thing! Most of the time, I don’t know when exactly a book mail will arrive. I will only know “either 2 – 3 days more” or “next week” or “after a month” but not “tomorrow”, “on the 16th of April” or anything exact. And if it does, it only happens sometimes. So waiting for book mails is actually exciting! And it really is surprising. It gives so much satisfaction when waiting time is finally over. But I also like to wait even though I actually have nothing to wait for. Like, I didn’t buy any books but I’ll still wait for something a.k.a. wait for a miracle.




Come on, we all want book sales! The higher the price, the lower the demand. The lower the price, the higher the demand. (Sorry, you know I’m an Economics major so this is always on my mind lol) So yes we want and wait for booksales because obviously, we can buy more books with the money we used to buy for only one book. We have to be practical. And we all should be an economic man. 😉




Even having a long list of tbr, we can’t help of waiting and wanting for new books to come and add to our never-ending tbr! And one of the good ways to keep track on new upcoming releases is through the publishers’ new catalogues! I love waiting and looking for these lists because GOSH there is always something new to be excited and exhilarated for! I LOVE DISCOVERING NEW BOOKS. AND I LOVE ADDING MORE ON MY TBR. 😝




Book-signing events!! Who doesn’t want to come to an author’s book-signing event? WHO DOESN’T??? I’ve been to only one book signing event and that is the event of Victoria Aveyard’s first-ever book-signing event here in the Philippines that was hosted by the National Bookstore (I really love you guys there on NBS!). And I swear, that is one of the most memorable days of my life. 😍 I still can’t believe that I saw her on person right in front of me!!!!!!


We rarely see an author personally. So what’s other best thing to do than meeting your favorite author and saying thank you for writing that book and saying how much you love him/her for making and breaking your heart by doing so? Meeting an author is like meeting a super pop star for other people. And it doesn’t happen always so what else can we do – especially people outside US or the country where that author lives – than to wait?




GIVEAWAYS! I love giveaways! Who doesn’t, anyway? Who doesn’t love free stuffs? Of course, it’s not just the chance of winning I am waiting for here. It’s the ACTUAL winning of that book or swag or anything bookish I am waiting for. And so far, I already won 5 times! Yes guys five times already. 😝




Reviews! When I have a book I am planning to purchase or read and I know that my friends or bloggers I am following are reading it, I always wait for their thoughts about the book because that can affect my decision of buying and reading it. If a book I thought I will like is actually not worthy, I won’t buy it anymore. I’ll spend my money for those who are worthy of my money because I’m not rich and I can’t afford to buy a book that will not even benefit me.




We all have our own favorite books already that we cannot stop talking about. But ADMIT IT, you still want to add more on that list of books you wouldn’t stop talking about. Hence, you’re waiting for more to add on your favorite list. I’d rather wait for my new favorite books than wait for my new I-don’t-really-like books. And I love the feeling I get after reading a wonderful book that will surely be my favorite and I want to feel that over and over again.


  1. #ARCs


Advance Reader’s Copy! Hehe as a book blogger, I admit that this is really one of the things I am always waiting for. I love having the chance of having to read a book that other persons cannot read yet because it is not yet available on the market. 😁 That’s why when I sent a request to the publisher, I will really not stop checking my e-mail for a response every now and then. Of course, waiting to be accepted and waiting for the ARC itself to arrive in your doorstep are two other things. This can really take a long time.



So that’s it! These are the things we bookworms are always waiting for. What’s more? What things did I forget? Share your thoughts below!


8 thoughts on “What Are We Bookworms Always Waiting For?

  1. This is the most relatable post ever! 😂😂 Especially waiting for a miracle – I totally do that. Like maybe someone will send me books?? Someone??
    But the worst is when a book is supposed to come and it DOESNT. *Does*
    I’m constantly waiting for cover and title reviews – those are so exciting!!
    Wonderful post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lenna! 😆 I am so glad to know that you relate with this! Haha right. But I know, someday we won’t have to wait for “miracles” anymore. 😂 Time will come and we will order and order every books that we want and will have something real to wait for. 😳 Me too! I ❤ cover reveals! Thank you so much, Lenna!! 😍😍 And thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely a BIG YES to #Bookmails! 🙂 I usually buy my books in the bookstores too and it’s very seldom that I order online, hence I love it whenever a package of books will arrive in my doorstep. It just feels so special! ❤ Love this list, Karina! Oh and if I may, I am always looking forward to book bloggers get together too! It's always fun meeting new faces around! ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Hi Ate Kat! ❤

      I know right?! A book mail a day keeps the sadness away hahaha. Thank you so much Ate Kat! I’m so glad that you love this list. 😍 OMG yes I haven’t thought of that because I’m a kind of shy especially when it comes to meeting new people in person lol but I do get that because I met a blogger once personally and we had a date hehe (Hi Imo of http://muggleboooks.wordpress.com/) But I never met any other bloggers personally since then mainly because of schedule. But it’s really fun! Hope to see you someday, Ate! 😊


  3. Yes to all! 🙂 I am not sure if there’s anything missing on the list! 😀 Nice discussion post Karina! 🙂 ❤


      1. Yeah! 😀 I just stopped by your blog to know how you’re doing. 🙂 It has been weeks already since I’ve got some blogging and reading slump so I am not that updated on you guys. 😀


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