​UNBOXING And REVIEW: Poetic Souls by Literary Shop

Hello bookdragons! Welcome to my first ever subscription box unboxing and review post.

So last month I finally decided to sign up for my first ever subscription box. I am a huge fan of subscription boxes ever since I became aware of it. And there were some, like, Owlcrate and FairyLoot that I’ve been always dreaming of but because of the shipping cost, it’s very hard for me to get one. But fortunately, just this summer, Philippine based subscription boxes started to operate. And just this June – right after my birthday – I finally subscribed to my first ever bookish subscription box! And I decided subscribe to Literary Shop’s first ever subscription box with the theme called, Poetic Souls.



Why did I choose Poetic Souls by Literary Shop?


The theme. The first time I saw Literary Shop’s first ever subscription box’s theme, I didn’t hesitate any longer! I became utterly excited and I knew it right away that I WANT THIS and I WILL GET THIS. So, as you can all see, I got it.


It’s cheap. Compared to other subscription boxes it’s definitely one of the cheapest. But that’s only because there’s no book inside. But still, it’s cheap.


It’s from Literary Shop! I’ve been eyeing their products since I first discovered their shop. And I’ve been wanting to get one of their products especially their necklace! I really love their designs so I decided to take this opportunity to finally get one of their products.
So without further ado, here’s the unboxing of Poetic Souls by Literary Shop.



The items inside are:
A poem postcard written by Mish exclusively for the box.


 A vintage style necklace from Literary Shop.



• A vintage style bookmark from Literary Shop.


• Sad Girls and I love books iron-on patches


Poem cards of poems written by Lang Leav and Anna Lete


•  Poem written by Rojean.


• Button pins


And there are also stickers of poems written by Lang Leav that was also inside that red pouch of the vintage necklace. (Like some bonus items, maybe?)
The color of the box is a combination of different shades of brown and gold with a little touch of red and black. If you’ll just see it closely and personally, you’ll see that the box itself which is color gold is really shiny! It’s so GORGEOUS. I’m telling you, IT IS. I love the idea of it. Plus the items inside also matches the color of the box. They’re mostly brown and vintage as well. It’s just obvious that there’s theme’s consistency in this box. And it’s so AESTHETIC


I really love the packaging. The Literary Shop team has a very good taste.
My favorite item in this box is the vintage necklace which I started wearing the day I got the box. The first day I wore this to uni and the first time my friends saw it, they were all like “Where did you get that? It’s so beautiful!” “I love it!” “I want one”. Followed by the Sad Girls vintage bookmark because it’s quite a unique one.



There’s actually no item that I really dislike because instead of disliking them, the rest were mostly just MEH for me.
To be frank, I am not wholly satisfied and I am not loving this box as much as others do. Upon seeing the items inside for the very first time, I was pretty disappointed because the things I first saw were just a bunch of paper. Literally just papers as you all can see. I was like “WHAT…THE…” *jaw drops* “NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY PESOS ALL JUST FOR THESE PIECES OF PAPER?????”  I was even told that most of the items are wearable. Like, what? Can I wear these papers? Can I?
I know, I judged it too soon because as I’ve read the poems written, that’s where I began to appreciate the whole thing. I saw further efforts. I saw that the team’s hard work and creativeness didn’t just stop on its beautiful packaging. It continues to the poems they wrote especially for this box. And I didn’t just saw, I also felt. I saw and felt that they’re all made of love and other emotions as well from the people behind the Literary Shop team. I saw that the whole subscription box is made out of passion. And that, is highly appreciated.
For 800 pesos, I am still not that satisfied on the items included in this box. Maybe instead of just printing those beautiful poems on papers – yes, I wouldn’t stop calling them papers even if you call them postcards, poem cards, stickers or what because they’re all still made of papers – it would be better if they printed it on some other items. Like a shirt, maybe? Just to be new. Of course, they don’t have to buy expensive branded shirts because there are still other shirts there with good quality that they can buy for a reasonable price. Or include a candle in the box that is solely made for this Poetic Souls box and is named after it so we’ll always be reminded of this box even if we get rid of the box itself or subscribe to more bookish subscription boxes that we’ll like more. Or just any other thing that is not just a piece of paper.
Yes, it is probably the cheapest subscription box you can find here in the Philippines but still, 800 pesos is 800 pesos. And that’s already a huge thing for me as a college student whose always broke. And as a consumer, we always want and need to get the most out of our money – which I felt like I didn’t get in this box.
I’m not wholly satisfied with the items inside the box but I’m not wholly disappointed either – though I really am just not wholly. There are still items that I really liked, I love the packaging so much and the efforts and love of the Literary Shop team while making this box are clearly felt and I wholeheartedly appreciate.
Am I going to subscribe to Literary Shop’s next subscription box? 
I don’t think I’ll be getting their next subscription box. And the few other boxes after it as well. But maybe in the future when I fell in love with their theme again and I see that they’re getting better and better, why not? I’m willing to give it a try again. Just not too soon.
Am I going to purchase from Literary Shop again?
Yes! I’m actually planning to purchase their Red Queen and Alice In Wonderland necklaces! Eeep! I’m so excited.
Am I going to subscribe to another subscription box from other shop/s?

Yes! I actually have a shop in mind already where I’ll get my next subscription box. I’m SO excited!


Bookish Subscription Box – Poetic Souls by Literary Shop Rating: 7/10


If you are interested on checking the Literary Shop, you can find them here:

Website | Instagram


So that’s it, bookdragons! See you on my next unboxing and review of a bookish subscription box!



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