Losing Ground by Alice Rachel

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ISBN: 9781516970339

Title: Losing Ground

Series: Under Ground (1.5)

Author: Alice Rachel

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing

Publishing Date: October 2015

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 114

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian


“The truth about our family would probably destroy my brother.
Chi is too naive, too gentle—far too weak to carry the weight of this reality.
Sometimes I hate him so much for it I can hardly breathe.
But I will make sure he never finds out what our parents truly are.
Monsters hiding in broad daylight.” – Stephen Richards

PicsArt_06-04-01.28.54.jpgLosing Ground is a novella in the YA Dystopian series Under Ground written by Alice Rachel. It is about the story of Stephen Richards – Chi Richard’s twin brother and Willow – Chi’s childhood sweetheart. It was parted on two. The first half is Stephen’s short story with his own point of view while the other half is Willow’s short story which started on the day she first met Chi and was also told on her own point of view.

I finished this novella within three hours. It didn’t went well for me on the very first chapter. I was so confused and felt so detached with Stephen. I also started to grow distaste with both Stephen’s and Willow’s character because of how they were written. I felt like they were both ineffective or unconvincing in some ways. I felt like I was being forced to believe on how innocent and sweet Willow was when she’s actually not. What I didn’t liked the most on the first chapter is their dialogues. It just irked me. Really irked me.

But the distaste I had for this novella started and ended on that same first chapter. Losing Ground surprised me little by little. I may be still not swayed with the sweetness, flowers-everywhere and softness of Willow’s character, but I am sure does eventually understood and was convinced by Stephen. Stephen became so good on making me understand things he wants me to understand.

Mental issues and sexual assault was tackled in this novella which pretty much what surprised me the most. It answers questions and at the same time makes us ask more questions regarding the things we have known on the first book in the series. This is surprisingly a really important novella in this series.

If you have read the first book in the Under Ground series by Alice Rachel which is a story about a misogynistic society, I highly suggest for you to dive in this Stephen Richard’s novella before proceeding to the next book. It’s worthy and will make you fit pieces of puzzle altogether and lost some more pieces at the same time.


3.75 flowers


Alice Rachel comes from France and now lives in the USA with her hubby and her three crazy guinea pigs.

Besides drinking way too much coffee, Alice spends a lot of time reading, writing, or drawing. She enjoys well-written antagonists, flawed heroes, and talking about book characters all day.

She’s the author of the “Under Ground” series. Alice loves talking to her readers, so send her a text message or a tweet.

Find her on:

Website | Goodreads


**The author pledges to donate 100% of sales revenue from “Losing Ground” to RAINN – The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) is an American anti-sexual assault organization, the largest in the United States. So buyinh Losing Ground will surely help a lot!


*A huge thanks to MacMillan International Sales for providing me an ARC in exchange of an honest review. The copy by any means didn’t affect nor influence my review.


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