Everything You Must Know About #BooksBindUs


If you haven’t seen #BooksBindUs yet, then you’re missing out.

#BooksBindUs is – as Sarah likes to call it – a “small event” on Twitter going on right now. It is created by Sarah K Vetter who gathered different bloggers from across the world to participate in this not-so-small bookish event. #BooksBindUs is basically an event full – as in FULL – of giveaways. It’s a gathering of giveaways hosted by different bloggers from across the world. Everyone can enter as many giveaways as he/she can under the hashtag #BooksBindUs on Twitter and win a book or books! It honestly depends how lucky you are. 😉 This event started on the last week of August 2017 and will end until the last week of September 2017.

All of the giveaways in the #BooksBindUs that are being hosted by different bloggers are all sponsored by Sarah R. Vetter. Meaning, all the books that will be send to the winnerS – yes, capital S because there will be lot – are all from Sarah’s pocket. Isn’t she just an angel?

As a participating blogger, Sarah asked us to pick a book or selection of books that represents us to be the giveaway prize. As for me – if you haven’t seen it on Twitter yet – I have a quite wide selection of books where you can choose from if you’ll be the winner. Here is the selection of books I came up with (click the photo to be directed to my actual tweet and to enter)


This selection of books contains my highly recommended books, anticipated reads and a poetry book I just read. I guess this selection of books represents me in a way that it shows what type of books I am reading – that I am the type of a reader who reads fantasy so much more than contemporary and that I do love reading diverse books. It’s actually my default. I’m not the type of person who loves “perfect” characters and stories and stuffs. I like them just real and I love reading stories of different well represented people.

You are probably having a lot of questions about #BooksBindUs – like I did – so I decided to ask Sarah if I can have a Q&A with her, hoping that all of our questions will be answered. Fortunately, she agreed. So here’s the Q&A I had with Sarah.



  1. What are your main objectives in creating #BooksBindUs?


Hi Karina!  Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me about my #BooksBindUs Twitter event.  My main objective when I created this event was to remind myself and hopefully others that though there are differences that separate us, there are also tangible things that draw us or bind us together.  In this community it is of course young adult books.  This idea was born out of my frustration in the current political climate where so much hate seems to be festering in our society.  I needed something positive that I could look at and say yes, I am helping to brighten my corner of the world.  It is my wish that this event shines a light in many people’s lives, whether they win a book, find some different bloggers to follow or discover a new author to enjoy.  On the practical side, a book is still very much a luxury item for a lot of people.  This is also why I try very hard to make my giveaways international so everyone has a chance at books they otherwise might not have been able to purchase due to their economic means.  In other areas of my life I pay this idea forward by donating books to underfunded libraries and schools. I send English books to schools in Egypt to help aid them in learning the language.  In addition I am setting up my Little Free Library at home, for more info www.littlefreelibrary.org . There are other charities I support but these are the areas pertaining to reading.


  1. How and when did you come up with the idea of #BooksBindUs?


The idea arose when I put out a tweet in August asking if there were any bloggers that wanted to do a book giveaway with me. There was such an overwhelming response that I thought to myself, maybe I can do something with this.  Honestly, this event got thrown together pretty quickly so I’ve been keeping track of of small things that need some fine tuning in the future. I saw this as a way to help promote bloggers, authors, and books while also attempting to create an event that people would get excited about and want to join in on.  A lot of the bloggers chose a diverse book or a selection of diverse books from which the winner can select.  I am thrilled by this and considering making it a focus of the event in the future.  As a child I never had a problem “seeing” myself in books since most of them are featured exactly who I was, an upper middle class white girl. Only as an adult did I realize how underrepresented pretty much everyone else is in literature.  Being able to identify with the books I read was a fundamental part of my childhood and shaped the person I am now.  Everyone deserves the same opportunity.

  1. Where did you get the funds for #BooksBindUs?


Funds for the event are provided by me, I am lucky enough to have a nice income and was also gifted some money when my grandparents passed away.  My grandparents taught me bringing others joy feeds your own joy and that giving to society is a responsibility that we all have according to our means.  Not all people may have money but everyone has something they can contribute.  My grandmother volunteered in a kindergarten classroom for over 25 years helping kids learn how to read.  Both of them read to me and encouraged my love of books from a young age, I dedicate all these book giveaways in memoriam of Harry and Muriel Vetter.


  1. How can a blogger participate in #BooksBindUs?


Bloggers who participated in this #BooksBindUs event were those who responded to the initial tweet and a couple wrote me after seeing the tag going around to join in as well.  A few more will be posting giveaways between now and the end of September with all giveaways ending by September 30th.  In the future depending on how many people are interested in being a part of this again, I will probably randomly draw participants from a group lottery!


  1. Up to how many participating bloggers are you allowing to join?


I didn’t have a set number of bloggers I allowed to participate this time, I originally just thought as many as I could comfortably afford to pay for at this time.  With future events I will either randomly select from a pool of bloggers or accept volunteers up to a certain limit.  This has become my test run but I will definitely be deciding on a set number somewhere in 15-25.  That seems to be a good manageable number for me!


  1. Are you still currently accepting bloggers who want to participate in this event?


Unfortunately I am not accepting new bloggers at this time.  I would love to do some one on one giveaways in the future but not another big  event like this for a while!  In December I am thinking about doing 12 Days of Giving to echo the 12 days of Christmas but since not everyone celebrates this holiday I decided to make it focus on giving to others.  This will be a limited event to 12 bloggers and I’m still working on the details.  I will post about it sometime at the end of October.


  1. Is there any rules for the giveaways’ entrants?


The rules for the people entering the giveaway were pretty much set by the hosting bloggers. Generally it includes retweeting and following the blogger and myself since I am the funding co-host that was the only thing I asked that people follow me too!  Some are also giving bonus entries for following their blog/Instagram/etc.  Giveaway accounts can be problematic because we really want people who are participating in the community and are interested in the books themselves not just winning something.  I trust all the bloggers to make their own judgement calls on this.  The one rule I do insist is that the winning entrant comply with the requirements of following and retweeting.  Other than that I can’t wait to see all the winners!

  1. Can we expect for #BooksBindUs happen again in the future? If yes, when?


#BooksBindUs will hopefully be happening in the future either once or twice a year!  Things to look out for this time is an event chat in September where I will be giving away an ARC of Forest of a Thousand Lanterns!  Also if you  comment and tweet the tag I am drawing some winners from that for prizes including bookish candles and notebooks.  I have been calling this my YA Block Party because I just want it to give everyone a feeling of lighthearted happiness. Fun, friends, and books, what else could you want?


If you want to follow me, I am most active on Twitter on @SKVetterWrites.  You can find me on Instagram at sarahk.vetter.  I also have a book blog I have been setting up at www.takemetoyourreaders.com . I will be posting reviews and about future events on there soon!  Thank you again to all the bloggers hosting giveaways with me it really means a lot that you all jumped onboard with this little idea of mine!  To all those participating in and tweeting about #BooksBindUs I wish you all the joy and books your life can hold! ❤️❤️


Moving on to the most important, exciting and fun part, here is the complete list of #BooksBindUs giveaways:






There are 21 giveaways so far but like what Sarah said in the Q&A above, there will be 5 more coming this September! So I will just update this post once they are already up.

Aside from these 21, there are also bloggers who chose to do their own giveaways under the #BooksBindUs and join the fun that are not being sponsored by Sarah. Some of them asked Sarah if they can do their giveaway under the #BooksBindUs and some of them didn’t but still they’re joining the fun so…


All in all, there will be TWENTY NINE (29) giveaways on this year’s #BooksBindUs! Isn’t it just W O W?

As you have read on my Q&A with Sarah, there will be another #BooksBindUs that will happen possibly next year and there are also other events *with prizes of course omg* she’ll be hosting again on Twitter so be sure to follow Sarah to get updated.

So that’s it! I hope everything you must know about #BooksBindUs were all answered in this post. And if you have any other questions you wish to be answered about #BooksBindUs, comment it below and we’ll see what I can do!

And what are you waiting for? Enter to these giveaways and join the fun! And don’t forget to share it with others. Let’s all celebrate the books that bind us all. Share the love and share the fun! 💕



11 Replies to “Everything You Must Know About #BooksBindUs”

    1. I think so too, Sofii. She is such a very thoughtful and considerate person. 😭❤❤❤ Omg THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m so glad that you loved this post. Your words means so much. 😘😘

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  1. Thanks for feautring mine. Sadly I wasn’t part of Twitter when the beginnings for this happened and I really had to share the love so I don’t mind sharing books from my pocket. It is really fun to be able to give others the chance to read a book I enjoyed so much. And great compilation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! ❤ It’s so sweet of you to join Twitter only to share some love. 😘😘😘 We really appreciate you joining #BooksBindUs. And I agree, it’s one of the best feeling. 😊 Thank yous so much!! ❤❤❤

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  2. it’s such a pleasure to join Sarah and so many book bloggers on the starting round of Books Bind Us! My giveaway is up as well on my Twitter @amakeshiftlib if you’d like to add it to the list (: Thank you for sharing the interview with Sarah! it will be a great resource in future rounds!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will definitely add you here along with the others 😘 Glad you liked it, Marina. And I’m glad you’re also joining us on #BooksBindUs ❤


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