Unexpressed Feelings by Khadija Rupa

ISBN: 978-1-945873-00-3

Title: Unexpressed Feelings

Series: ——

Author: Khadija Rupa

Publisher: Niyah Press

Publishing Date: December 31st 2016

Format: ebook

Number of Pages: 204

Genre: Poetry, Short Stories

PicsArt_06-04-01.23.21.jpgUnexpressed Feelings is a book which begins with the unbearable melancholy that creeps under one’s skin, into the bones, when an unexpected heartbreak takes place. Priceless lessons, that only mistakes and sorrow can teach, leap out from the middle part of the book with the forethought to heal an inner wound that is still raw, still painful. This book of yearning, heartache and realisations gradually comes to a beautiful end in part three by unveiling how love is supposed to look like when it truly enters one’s life. By expressing some of the sweet feelings of falling in love and being consumed by it in this last section, with the right person this time, the aim of the book is one: to give hope to souls that propels them to the continuous search for Love. True Love. Throughout this book, loss, lessons and love have been portrayed in a brief, whimsical, poetic manner withmeanings that are intensely deep.

PicsArt_06-04-01.28.54Raw, relatable, meaningful. These are the words I would say to best describe this poetry and prose book. 

Rupa’s writing is simple yet meaningful. Rupa fed me with words that made me remember my past experiences, made me realize that I am not the only one who felt or experienced such things, encouraged me to get up even if I’m broken and made me feel like I was just talking to a far away friend while reading. 

However, this poetry and prose collection didn’t play enough with my emotions. I was actually bored on its first part, I just couldn’t get anything with the poems. They were just like letters swimming through my eyes. I just failed to connect with this book in its first part. I started to love it on the second part where every letters every words just finally made sense and became meaningful. I also saw myself in some pieces Rupa wrote. Instead of feeling the writer’s pain like it’s mine, I remembered how my own felt. Rupa also expressed with her own words the hidden, unexpressed thoughts inside my brain with those utterly meaningful prose.  

Unexpressed Feelings will express your unexpressed hidden thoughts and feelings for you or perhaps, will make you remember the one you loved or the one who have caused you pain. Either way, this is for people who had been in a one-sided love, had been left behind, had been broken, fell in love, and felt lost in their lives. May you also find and see yourself in this book.

Remember, our tears, our tears, our softness, don’t make us weak. It can never be the definition of—weakness. After all, the most unbreakable hearts have been given birth by those girls and women who cry. So you and your world must decide what your own definition of strength will be: someone who is hard because of not crying, or someone who is strong because of crying.



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