#BookBingeBazaar Book Haul

BookBingeBazaar book haul.png

I got 10 books and 1 coloring book for $3.38 each and it was just surreal heaven! This is just my first time going to a big book sale event like this, I’ve never been to Scholastic and MIBF and the experience was wonderful!

Before anything else, I want to thank National Book Store for this opportunity. You made so many Filipino bibliophile happy! We’re all looking forward for more #BookBingeBazaar (I know you said the next one will be coming soon so I really should start saving already) events not just here in Manila but in other parts of Philippines as well for our friends who are far from the city.

I know it’s weeks (or probably a month?) late, but here’s my Book Binge Bazaar Book Haul! *as usual, please bear with my phone’s low qua photos*




How much did I spend? ₱1,925 or $37.15!

How much was I actually supposed to spend? more or less $150, I guess

What is your most awaited book sale or bookish event in your country? If you’re from PH, did you go to Book Binge Bazaar as well? How many books did you get? What’s the best book deal you had? Share your thoughts below!




2 Replies to “#BookBingeBazaar Book Haul”

  1. So many amazing books I spyyyy on here! I can’t wait to hear what you think about Want, Alex, Approximately and Tash Hearts Tolstoy as these are some that I’m hugely excited about! Sadly, I don’t get many bookish events here, most of them are in the capital city during the weekend (I’m there only during the week because that’s where my college is). Lovely post! ❤

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    1. Hi Marta! Lol you’ll never find a blogger who replies this late other than me. Ikr? I’m happy with my picks given my limited budget. Did you know? The second Book Binge Bazaar was held this month and I wasn’t able to come! Just thinking of it makes my heart break.

      I still haven’t picked up Want, Alex Approximately and Tash Hearts Tolstoy yet lol I h8 myself. But have you read any of them?

      It’s so sad you don’t get to go to events like this! I myself had to commute for at least 2 hours to get to these events. Hopefully we both can come together to the big bookish events in US! Can’t wait for that day to happen. 😭💖


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