Unbelievably Late RECAP: Bookworms Unite Year 4


Welcome to my 1st long-overdue-because-of-acads post.

Ya girl is back to share some stuffs about a bookish event that happened few monthS ago. I started drafting this days after the actual event but posted this just now. Well, as you have probably already noticed, I’m always late in everything and I am really not proud of it.


I went to Bookworm’s Unite: Year 4 this July 21, 2018 at Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila!!!!giphy

I went home with my tote bag full of books and swags, and my heart full of happiness it’s almost as if it’ll burst like this:


This is my 2nd time attending BU and it was just so fun like expected! This experience was a bit different for me because this time, I was not just there as an attendee but a… (uhm Idk what to call this?) as a writer or media partner (?) from Oikonomos Nexus with my team! Why? Because we were there to cover the event. This gave me new experience, both as a BU attendee and a student because this is also Oikonomos Nexus’ first time covering an event outside the campus!

The Oikonomos Nexus is Polytechnic University of the Philippines Department of Economics’ official publication, so it’s basically an organization composed of writers, photojournalists, layout artists, etc. To know more about us, visit our Facebook page. And *clears throat* we’re always open for partnership and sponsors (LOL I’m actually using this platform to promote our organization) Anyway, enough of this.

Actually, this recap will be a bit different because this is actually not a recap. (gif: what?) I won’t go detail by detail on what happened to me that day because they are already a bit fuzzy in my mind – except for the program and people I met and interacted with because those are hard to forget. ❤ But since I wrote it, our post on Oikonomos Nexus’ page will serve as my recap (Uhm is this the thing called cheating?) though you won’t actually get specifics about my personal experience lol. I am in the midst of thesis and other uni stuffs while writing this post so I really can not afford to write a detailed recap. Please bear with me.

BUT why am I here saying this is a recap when it’s actually not? WELL, I am here to share the photos and videos we took (a.k.a. photo/video recap)

My ticket!


BU official photos are here:


THE GRYFFINCLAW TEAM a.k.a. our team for different games:


“Do It For the Gram” was one of the most exciting parts of the program because I got the chance to have selfies and interact with persons I was too shy and awkward to approach before this game lol. Also took photos with some familiar faces. ❤ (pls excuse my ugly face)




The Oikonomos Nexus’ team:


And lastly,

A short video made by our organization:

That’s it! I know right? This post feel so rushed. I am sorry! Anyway, there are other bloggers who did their REAL recap so check them out!

JM’s recap

Shealea’s recap

Ailla’s recap

Leslie’s recap

Kyra and Nikki’s recap

Did you attend this year’s Bookworm’s Unite event? How was it for you? Did you meet new friends? Did we interact on the event? Share your thoughts below!


21 thoughts on “Unbelievably Late RECAP: Bookworms Unite Year 4

    1. Thank you! It was 😭 bookish events are lots of fun. However, I usually just attend to one or two in a year. How about you?


    1. Ahh it’s so much fun! There are only few of these here tho. There are really big bookish events in U.S. that I am dying to attend to also! 😭😍 Hope you’ll be able to an event similar like this someday! 💖


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