My #BookishWish(es) Came True!

Welcome to my 2nd long-over-due-because-of-acads post.

Twitter, aside from being that social media platform where we all get to be more real and transparent, again proved just how lucky we all are to a part of it.

Just this August, the whole bookish community on Twitter was shookt and blessed again by a magical hashtag – the #Bookishwish. The #bookishwish was started by @DailyJulianne. Filipino readers also came up with #bookishwishph to narrow it down to the bookish people in the Philippines. As what you can tell, the hashtag is used to tell the world what your bookish wishes are and help bookish fairies easily find you. There is basically no rule in here, if you are trying your luck for your wishes to be granted, you can tweet it with the hashtag or even make a spreadsheet if you want. And if you want to be a bookish fairy, you can grant as many wishes as you want or can. You can give your spare copies or buy them a brand new one. It’s all up to you.

Lots of bookish fairy godparents appeared to help lots of wishers. And it was so overwhelming you’d want to cry because of how lovely and generous the people of this community are.

I personally have been blessed by this hashtag and I have been granted lots of bookish wishes from bookish fairies all around the world. I was just ecstatic! Hence, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my bookish fairy godparents.

Emma @emmas_chapter gave me her copy of Raven Boys! 😭😍

Kerry @_kerrymarie_ told me she’ll give me her copy of Moxie but ended up giving me a brand new copy, granted two of my other wishes such us The Upside of Unrequited and Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Allbertalli and included one more bonus instead! 😱😍


Yara @yaratrv gave me her ARC of the ever beautiful Dreamology! 💖😍

Ate Karla @karlaamae gave me a paperback copy of my most anticipated Obsidio! 😆😆

Jenn @jenniely bought me a new copy of This Mortal Coil!!!

And, Moon @themoonkrestel gave me this wonderful Warcross UK a.k.a “rainbow” edition along with other awesome bookish stuffs!!

I am deeply grateful for each of my bookish fairy godparents. I can’t thank you all enough! Thank you all for making this broke bookworm’s heart tremendously happy. Just wow.

I have been really blessed by this hashtag. It’s been months since I’ve bought books myself and these granted wishes are such huge things for me. As much as I want to, I am not in that phase of my life yet where I can let go of my ARCs and books that I bought, because I got them by my hardly saved money and those I got from authors and publishers have sentimental values to me unless. I may be a wisher now, but next year once I finally graduated and have a job, I promise to be a fairy godparent and give back to this lovely community.

If you missed the first hashtag that shookt the bookish twitter in a very good way, click here to know everything about #BooksBindUs.

As of now, the #Bookishwish is still alive and I think it will continue to be in such a long time. So just tweet your bookish wishes! You don’t know, your fairy godparent might just be lurking. Further, there are still lots of bookworms waiting for their wishes to come true. So if you can and want to grant any wishes, please do so.

Are you aware of #bookishwish? Did your wishes also come true? Or did you become a fairy godparent? Share your thoughts below!



24 Replies to “My #BookishWish(es) Came True!”

    1. Right? 😍 I actually can’t believe it myself. Aahh I’m so happy for you! Have you read it already? That’s on my radar for so long but I’m not planning to read it yet because I feel like I have to read Wild Beauty first since that’s the reason why the author became known to me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have read it (its a snow white & swan lake retelling) I love all her books (though I still have to read her debut) ^_^ & ahh I’m the same way, if there’s an author I know of whose written multiple books, I usually start with the one I heard of first! ^_^ Enjoy Wild Beauty~


    1. Do you have Twitter? Folks in Twitter can really be awesomely surprising. 😁 Saaame. I first witnessed it on #BooksBindUs. ❤


    1. Haha I actually didn’t expect this because I’m not usually lucky at things like this. I’ve tried lotto before lol I stopped because I know I will never win. 😂


    1. I will! I don’t know when I will be able to read it tho 😩 ghaaad I need a 36-hour kind of day lol so many books so little time


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