18 Favorite Book Covers of 2018

Last year, I attempted to end the year with my 17 Favorite Quotes of 2017 as a year-ender but, I miserably failed and ended up making it a year-starter for 2018 instead.

But this year, change plan no more, I finally made it on time!

Book covers are quite important for me and I adore them a lot. I admire artists for making such artsy, beautiful, aesthetics, eye-pleasing, eye-catching, incredible, jaw-dropping ones. And there is no stopping me from discovering ones regardless whether if I’ll read them or not.

2018 was filled with sooo many beautiful book covers that are so adorable I’ll never get tired of adoring their beauty.

So, without further ado, here are my most of the most of the most favorite covers of books released in 2018 in no particular order. (And I’m actually itching to add more.)













What are your thoughts about these covers? Love them as well? Got your own year-ender post? Comment it down below so I can drop by. Let’s talk about book covers and year-enders below!


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