Reading Challenge and Most Anticipated Reads of 2019


As usual, I am only joining the Goodreads reading challenge like what I have been doing these past 3 years. This year, I am challenging myself to read 40 books – the same with my goal last year – because I have a feeling that I can read more than 40 books. You see, this is how I decide my reading goals. For example, if I know I can read more than 50 books, I will only set my goal on 50, not 60, so that I know I have a high chance of succeeding. 😂 I am an undeniably risk-averse person more than a risk-taker.

However, I am adding a twist on this Goodreads reading challenge of mine. Aside from reading 40 books, I am also challenging myself to read at least 75% of my most anticipated reads. I guess, this can also be considered as one of my New Year’s (bookish) Resolution.

One of my bad bookish habits last year is avoiding my most anticipated reads. (I know. Weird, right?) Like, I will wish, join giveaways, save money and do everything to get the book I have been anticipating to read but once it’s finally in my hands, I will pick up other books instead and tell myself “I will finally read you after finishing my current one.” I don’t want to continue doing this to myself (and the poor books) anymore so I will try my very best to read my most anticipated reads of this year. But what are those? (Continue reading to know!)





Not Debut




– The Wicked Fox by Kat Cho

Not Debut


– Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi



– Pride by Ibi Zoboi
– Dry by Neal Shusterman & Jarrod Shusterman
– The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
– Red Clocks by Leni Zumas
– Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal
– The Crossover by Kwame Alexander
– Odd One Out by Nic Stone
– What if It’s Us by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli
– Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan
– We Are Okay by Nina LaCour


– A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas (I am still scared *because someone inconsiderate on a Facebook group I am a member of spoiled me and others about the WORST THING EVER around the time of its fresh release* but I know I have to face this fear of mine and just get done with it.)
– War Storm by Victoria Aveyard (I’m just nervous about this one)
– The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
– Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff
– Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh
– Warcross by Marie Lu
– The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty
– Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix by Julie C. Dao

What reading challenges are you doing this year? What are some of your 2019 anticipated reads? How many books are you planning or aiming to read this year? Share your thoughts below!


14 thoughts on “Reading Challenge and Most Anticipated Reads of 2019

  1. Wow so many new books to explore.. Almost all are new to me.. But the most I am looking forward to exploring is We hunt the flame…Bookmarking this page for later reference.. Thank you! and All the best!


  2. Good luck on your challenges, hope you can complete them all! I really like the challenge of wanting to read at least 75% of your most anticipated reads! It happens to me a lot as well that when I look forward to reading a book, it still takes ages for me to start reading it since I’m a mood reader. That’s why I really hope to succeed in the Beat the Backlist challenge this year; so many books published in 2018 and prior that I am so excited about but haven’t gotten around to read yet.

    Can’t wait to see your thoughts on the books you want to read! Aurora Rising is very high upon my anticipated release list.


  3. I just read The Kiss Quotient yesterday and it was so good!! 😍😍😍😍

    Helen Hoang is an amazing storyteller. You’re gonna love it! ❤

    All the best on your reading challenge! I have set my goal for 50 this year. I got a little ambitious last year and even with 3 exams during the year that I had to study so much for, I set my goal for 100. As expected, I failed miserably. So, this time, I set it to 50.


    1. Thank you, Shealea! You too! 💖 Aaaahhh I decided to join right at the moment I first read the post about it. I just have been busy so I haven’t posted about it yet. 😭


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