Please Help Support The Amala Clan a.k.a. (soon-to-be more than) 12 Stray Cats


Our house was invaded by 1 stray cat, then it became 2, then our house was turned into a cat restaurant by 1, then it became 2, then it became 3, until all the cats we were feeding became 6. Then one day, the used-to-be-pregnant one of them brought her litter of kittens to our home, making all of them 12. Now, a month since they suddenly became 12, one of them became pregnant, another one of them just gave birth. Today. Literally.


Including 12 (they’re actually 17 already as of this day. Lulu literally gave birth the morning I was supposed to publish this so I had to edit this again just before publishing. But we don’t know if she’ll give birth to more. I hope not, tbh) stray cats in my daily life was never part of the plan. My family adopting any cat in general, have never ever appeared even in my wildest dreams. NEVER. Especially after 2 heartbreaks brought by our beloved puppies, Kenzo and Liza’s deaths, adopting any animal any time soon just didn’t occur to me. But here were are right now, house transformed and serving as a cat restaurant for some and a cat house for others.

I guess, I have my own Love That Dog and Hate That Cat story after all.


I first decided to ask donations on line (Thanks to Tita Kate’s idea and encouragement) because of the sudden growth of their population in our house due to Whitey’s family. But now, there is another reason. Lulu is pregnant. Lulu just gave birth. And it is surely making their population grow as well as the expenses. The thing is, we fed and let them in (the 6 original adult stray cats) just to provide food and roof above their heads. We didn’t expect to have to care for their kittens and to provide more food or space for them too. (Only 2 males were sleeping in our house overnight. The females were only here in daytime.) But, we cannot kick them out of the house. Not when they already became a part of this home. The thing is, we are not financially ready for this sudden population growth. And I want to help my grandma and mother who is shouldering all the costs for these cats.

I also never imagined that I will ever ask for donations on line. I never wanted to. I never wanted to be in such a tough situation that I will need to ask people for this and I sympathize with all those who had to. But I guess, this is that time for me to finally use this small platform of mine I have made for the past 2 years to help others.


The Amala Clan is the group of stray cats our family is feeding and providing shelter to. They were named as “Amala Clan” after the Cat Clan in Natalie Ngan’s Girls of Paper and Fire because that was my current read when I was thinking of a group name for them and I find it timely *and cute* to name our cats after them.

Now, allow me introduce to you… the members of this prestigious Amala Clan!



Nik (yes, that Nik Malikov) also called as Miming, is the king of the house. And he is the one who started it all.

Now, here’s a little history…

One night, my mom left our leftovers at the front of our house (to avoid ants in the trash can). The next morning, she noticed that it sure did was gone. Another night (or nights) came after and she left some leftovers at the same spot. It was gone the next morning again. Then, the next time night she left our leftovers again there, she saw a cat eating it. And that’s when she met Ming.

It sort of became like a routine when we have leftovers. One night, I saw my mom call him and he sure did come right away. He actually lives at the yard of our neighbor right in front of us but was not getting fed properly. He was always hungry and waiting for mom to feed him. Then one night, when she called him, another cat came and we saw the cat steal his food, giving him a smack on the face.

Miming looked so pitiful. So what we did is, instead of feeding him outside, we let him eat just behind our door inside. At first, after eating, he will immediately go out. But as the time goes by, he started to hang out, just there where he was allowed to eat. We just let him sit there. Then he started spending longer time sitting there until he was already sleeping. The next thing we know, he already claimed our house as his territory. Then, the rest is history.

Nik is a very active cat. He likes to run around and hide then capture our feet with his long sharp claws. So sometimes me and my sister is scared to walk freely in our own house. He is also loud-mouthed. He meows so loud at night, when he’s asking for food, when he’s announcing his arrival from outside, or when he just wants to. He sleeps in our room at night, sometimes on my mom’s bed, sometimes mine and my sister’s, sometimes on the chair, sometimes at the top of the closet. But on daytime, he likes to sleep at the window. He also likes to capture my mom’s attention by jumping into the table and laying right at the top of her papers while she’s busy. He also likes to bite and kick pillows, blankets and stuff toys. He usually picks fight with other male cats outside especially those who enters our house. He loves scratching his back on the ground and his face on literally every corner or sometimes rubber shoes. He also likes big boxes. Every night we bring foods in our room because he wakes up in the middle of the night asking for food. He’ll meow so loud while we’re sleeping until we give him what he wants. We cannot touch his belly. It’s hard to carry him for a long time without him wriggling. We can touch his claws at the back but totally not the two at the front. We can only pet his head when he’s in the mood. Fortunately, he’s most of the time in the mood.

What does Ming specially needs?



Blacky is the second one we started feeding and giving shelter to. And he’s also the one who stole Nik’s food whom I mentioned earlier.

He is a sweet one. He is calm. He meows quietly – especially on his first weeks here – and I love the sound of it. He loves to rub his body on our thighs when asking for food. He is not as noisy and aggressive as Ming but will be when it comes to territorial issues. He is not physically active. He just likes to chill on his favorite rags. He is a soft boi. He gets scared easily. He loves chicken so much, he goes crazy for it. He and Ming used to fight a lot. He is not as free as Ming to roam our house because Ming always goes after him when he’s trying to go on a certain area. We cannot just easily leave them all alone at first. It’s almost a month now when Blacky started sleeping less in our house. He do not sleep here at night anymore. I think after times of fighting, they finally sadly settled it out. I think he is old. He walks slowly like he’s walking in a pool. I just want to wrap him in a hug. Back then, he almost do not leave our house anymore and is contented in his chair a.k.a. throne but right now, he only goes to our house just to eat and sleep in daytime. 😦 We can carry him longer than Ming. We cannot easily just touch his belly but we can easily touch his paws and his head.

Since Blacky decided not to sleep here for long anymore, he usually hang out on his own territory, which is the roofs of our neighbors. He sleeps there soundly and peacefully… until Bangsie came.

Blacky and Miming both lived at the same house, which is right in front of us because they were the pet of our neighbor’s daughter. When she migrated, the father who was left and other relatives couldn’t take care of them anymore but still feeds them when they were home which is only on weekends.

What does Blacky specially needs?



Bangsie is the big boi. He is the biggest among the members of the Amala Clan. Yet, he has one of the softest hearts.

He is a big boi who I badly want to hug but does not want to be touched. He won’t show aggressiveness for trying to touch him but he’ll move his body away after few seconds. He eats more than the others do. He always has wounds. Ever since I knew him, he always has those – either from fighting or because he has some health issues. There is a certain wound on his back that never heals. He eats outside at first but because of the other cats and dogs who wants to steal his food, we started feeding him inside too. He does not sleep here because he and Nik are mortal enemies. But he actually slept here two times. How? He sneaked out. As y’all know, they have ways. One morning, my mom woke up and found him on the sofa in our living room. Then we also saw him for quite some time entering our house from the roof top at night. We really want to take him in but Nik won’t let it. We don’t want to cause him more wounds. Back when he was still eating outside and when a cat suddenly appears and tries to eat his food, he’ll immediately give it. He’ll step aside and let the other cat eat it especially kittens and female cats.

Despite his soft heart for female cats and kittens, he is still aggressive towards male cats and always fight with them with regard to territory. He used to live at the roof of our neighbors (other side of our house from Blacky’s territory). But recently, he started going often to our neighbor’s house (Blacky and Nik’s original house) and started sleeping there too and on the roof which is, apparently, Blacky’s territory. Hence, we’ve heard him and Blacky fight a lot of times for those set of roofs.

What does Bangsie specially needs?
Neutering. But since it’s almost impossible to carry him to any clinic or center, lots of cat food and treats will probably make him already happy.


Lulu, sometimes also called as Beauty, has the most beautiful eyes and is literally the male version of Nik.

Actually, it’s not just Lulu anymore but “Lulu and her 5 (and counting because she might still give birth this day, I guess?) kittens”. Anyway, we cannot talk about her litter yet. So, I digress.

Not just because of the looks but also because of the behavior, we actually think that she’s Nik’s sister. Lulu is moody and literally a copy cat. We can touch her mostly, including her belly (yay) but sometimes she runs when she realizes that she’s getting picked up. She sleeps a lot and doesn’t like moving around. She likes sleeping and waiting for food in weird places like the stove or a shoe box. She sadly has a skin disease and her fur is falling so fast. We guess this is due to her sleeping in the house of chickens.

She started coming to us because she saw us feeding the others. At first, we were hesitant to feed her because we knew that she’s living in front of our other neighbor’s house, right where the chickens are living (poor gurl), there’s a house where she’s always asking for food, and we had to control our budget for the first-who-came cats. However, she was persistent on waiting in front of our house and we thought she was pregnant, so we decided to help her. We gave her food and set a box for her right next to our plants outside the house but we saw some children trying to make fun of her and one actually did hurt her (my anger comes back every time I remember) so we let her in.

At first, she was just contented in her box. Then, one day we noticed her copying Nik. She sleeps where Nik sleeps. She literally tried all the spots where Nik hangs out. Then a week after we let her in, we noticed that she was actually NOT pregnant and those were just fats. She tricked us (or more like we’re just victims of our assumptions). Then after a month, (weeks after Whitey brought her litter) it finally came true and we just noticed that she’s already actually truly pregnant when she’s not even leaving our house a lot. And today, she just gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens.

What does Lulu and her kitties specially need?
Treatment for her skin disease, spaying, more food because she’s nursing, cat food for her kitties, a solo space for her and her kittens



Blackming is the three-colored cat with a very high-pitched meow.

As you have noticed, he’s named after Miming and Blacky (lol) because his color is literally the combination of the two. To be honest, I cannot say much about him because I haven’t spent a lot of time with him yet. He’s only allowed outside since they’re already too many here. To be honest, I cannot remember how we met him. He prolly just saw us feeding the other cats so he started coming and asking for food too with that high-pitched meow of his (and we just couldn’t resist) So, he goes to us every morning and night to eat. Sometimes, I go home with him waiting at the front of our house to be fed. He sadly doesn’t want to be touched.

What does Blackming specially needs?
Since like Bangsie, we cannot actually neuter him, I’m sure more food other than fish will make him happy

Whitey and her 6 kittens

Whitey is that small mama who brought her litter of kittens to our house without even a warning. Srsly.

She shookt our world when she gave us a whole new responsibility and turned the cats we are feeding from 6 to 12. Luckily, they still breast feed a lot. But they are already starting to eat solid food. If you want to know more about that day she brought her kitties to us and shookt our world, here’s a thread:

She’s a fierce protector of her kitties and we see her love for them every day but also, she’s one of the softest. We can easily carry her like a baby and she doesn’t scare us with her claws and teeth that much. She always adorably rub her head on our feet when asking for food. She likes doing dangerous things like climbing to high places and entering through tiny holes just to get in or get out somewhere. She experienced post partum after giving birth and actually tested the patience of every single person in this house for some weeks. Another sad thing is, we think she’s so young to got pregnant. When we first met her she was smaller, then the next thing we knew, she’s already pregnant. Also, another sad thing is, when she was smaller, she had this really painfully looking wound at the back of his neck and my mom and grandma still think that she was probably poured some boiling water by some evil man. Well, that’s enough for sad things.

Whitey is overall a good, loving, but sometimes annoying cat who doesn’t leave our house that much, will never give you peace until you give her food and just likes to sleep and take care of her kitties.

The name of her kitties are: Snow, Stark, Caramel, Tiger, Lion and Sansa

What does Whitey and her kitties specially needs?
Spaying, more food because she’s nursing, cat food for her kitties


If supporting and adopting cats were never part of our plan and is something I, personally, have never thought of doing in my life since when I was young, why are we doing this for the past 5 months or so?

I don’t actually think this needs some mind blowing explanations at all. My family started doing this to just one cat without noticing that they already grew into 12, just because we feel sorry for their lives. This experience actually opened our eyes. Because knowing that there are stray animals out there dying of hunger and other causes is different than actually seeing them. It is heartbreaking. Seeing animals suffer every day of their lives on the street with no one to feed them or no safe and clean space to sleep in, is just the same with seeing those homeless people who are suffering just the same. The worst thing is, they don’t have a voice and they cannot work for themselves or simply ask for donations themselves like what we, humans, can do. Providing them some food and shelter to survive these hard lives they were sadly bestowed was the least we can do.

Personally, seeing these homeless animals and people, and knowing that I cannot do anything exhausts me. It makes me feel so helpless and weak. I hate seeing anyone in such miserable situations in life. Thinking about them literally makes me tired because of the emotional stress it gives. And doing this little thing, helping these stray cats in the smallest way possible uplifts my spirit and makes me feel glad that we, my family, at least, can help putting food in their stomachs and roofs above their heads.

The thing is, we are a family in a tight budget. My grandmother just retired and her pension is where most of the budget for the Amala Clan comes from and of course, we have a lot of other expenses too. As the time goes by, especially now that Whitey brought her family in and Lulu just gave birth, it becomes harder and harder to budget for them. I am a graduating student and still cannot help with the expenses. Suddenly feeding 12 stray cats (and counting. Hopefully this is the last.) is no joke. And this is where I humbly ask for your help.


You can help by donating anything from cash to any used or new necessities they could use like litter boxes and cages/cat carrier. Also, suggestions of what food to buy them and how to make them eat cat food instead of just fish, will also be truly helpful.

I mentioned a litter box because srsly, I don’t know where to buy cheap affordable ones. We are fortunate that the adult cats free to roam our house goes out to poop. So we never actually had to worry about this. Not until Whitey brought these 6 cute munchkins in and now, Lulu’s newly born litter of kittens. So far, we have managed to improvise, which, I won’t be boring you with details of any further. But a litter box would still be highly, highly appreciated.

Also, I mentioned a cage or carrier because if ever that the donations will permit, I might be able to bring some of them to the vet so that they will finally be neutered and spayed. (A friend of mine told me that there are free ones on barangay centers but I will still ask around) Aside from money issues, the reason why we haven’t taken anyone of them to the vet yet is that we LITERALLY cannot just carry them to the vet. Unlike our former beloved puppies, Kenzo and Liza, these cats are still aggressive. Sometimes, we can carry them (except for Bangsie and Blackming who DOES NOT WANT to be touched and some of Whitey’s kittens who probably think we are aliens) but only for a short time. After all, they have always been these stray cats who has to be tough and aggressive to fight for territory and food in order to survive. So, a cage or carrier is badly needed for them to be taken to the vet.

If you have a spare dollar, my family and the Amala Clan will truly be grateful. $1 is already equals to 1 day’s worth of fish that we are regularly feeding them (sometimes the price differs depending on the market but still). My grandma wakes up early everyday to buy them fish in the market. You will be supporting them for the whole day just by donating $1. ❤

Most of the donations, rest assured, will go straight for their budget for food because that is what the most important and a cage or something (I don’t know what they’re called) where Lulu and her future family can rest alone, excluded from other cats, since our spare room is already being taken by Whitey’s family. But if you are donating for specific reasons like cat milk for Whitey’s or Lulu’s kittens, Whitey’s family’s litter box, or neutering or spaying of any specific one of them, please feel free to tell me so I can take note of it.

Here are my accounts where you can send your donations:



Cebuana/LBC – Please email/DM me



If you’re reading this, THANK YOU. Whether if you donated or not, thank you still for sticking with me until the end of this post.

Sharing this post will highly, highly be appreciated. ❤



2 thoughts on “Please Help Support The Amala Clan a.k.a. (soon-to-be more than) 12 Stray Cats

  1. I love what you’re doing with these kittens (u loved the pictures you posted in twitter) I wish I could donate something, sadly I cannot big I really hope you get enough help, this is a really nice thing to do Kari💓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, Dani. 🤗🤗🤗 I love sharing them, too. I’m glad that you loved them! It’s okay if you couldn’t donate. Sharing the word is already really appreciated. So far, there’s only few who donated but that gave us some help. 💖


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