13 Replies to “SIGN-UP: Crier’s War by Nina Varela Blog Tour”

  1. Aahh this is so exciting! I’m highly anticipating this book and it’s so amazing that you’re hosting this tour, and especially prioritizing ownvoices readers 💖 I was wondering if the tour is open to only INTL bloggers (as in no US bloggers can participate)? If so, I totally understand!! I’ll support the book & tour from the outside then ☺💕

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    1. Aahhh May!!! I’m so glad that you are as excited as I am. 😊 and thank you so much!!! Aahh sorry for that! I should have made it clearer. It is also open to US bloggers and not just INTL bloggers. Thank you for raising that question. I’ll make it clearer on the post as soon as I can! Please particate, May! I would love to have your support from the inside (tho I would also highly appreciate if from the outside but still!) 💖💖💖

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