BLOG TOUR: A Different Time by Michael K. Hill


A-different-time-ebook-cover-NO-HOOK-small.jpgISBN: B07S18DDTS

Title: A Different Time

Author: Michael K. Hill

Publisher: Tangent Press

Publishing Date: July 2nd, 2019

Format: eARC

Pages: 200

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Magical Realism

Purchase at: Amazon

Synopsis: Keith Nolan falls in love with a remarkable young woman from the past, talking to him on a home video she recorded in 1989. To keep their conversation going, he must find more of her tapes—while forces work against them both, and time is running out.


**Thank you so much TheWriteReads for letting me participate on this blog tour and for the eARC. I also want to apologize for being late for few days, These, by any means, did not affect nor influence my review. **

T/CW: attempted sexual assault, depression

I’m a sucker for stories that involve time-traveling or messing up with time and anything in between. So when an opportunity to read A Different Time came, I was sooo excited. Tapes allowing people from different times communicate? Then these two turning into lovers? Not knowing how to reach each other? Not knowing how this is all possible? If this is even real or isn’t? Heck yes! Unfortunately though, some things prevented me from loving this as I expected.


It was fast-paced and very easy to read. I like the writing and it started really interesting and enthralling. I also like how Lindsey and Nolan’s characters seem to fit each other. Both have uncertain future, they have no clear plan for their lives, both are readers, both into arts, both doesn’t have much friends, both are in extremely realistic situations in life a lot of people would relate to.

Lindsey was just okay for me at first but I eventually found myself loving her as we get to know her more. She was strong, alongside being a kind, soft person who does not know where her life is going. She always found herself caught between acting like an adult or like a teen and I found that extremely relatable as a 20 year-old who felt like being knocked-out by adulthood. Her character development was great. At first, she seemed weak and lost in life but she was able to take control of her life and make right decisions at the end.

A lot of times while reading this book, I literally just want to run straight to a library and a comic store. It made me want to read classic novels and comics. There are many references to classic novels as well as X-Men. I loved how it mentioned that way back in time, people do not actually consider comics as proper literature so they weren’t being stocked on libraries. T hat’s apiece of information I did not know. I also liked how it was showed that collecting a thing could sometimes be a great investment. This is the only book I have read so far that tells something about the life of a collector.

I really loved how both Lindsey and Nolan are avid readers. This part of themselves, made them connect more to one another (and to me). I do love the fact that both of them actually went out of their way to buy and read the favorite book and comic of one another voluntarily. I love that they share the joy of reading. This part is just #relationshipgoals.

It wasn’t the best that could happen but still, I found the end satisfying. I really loved the revelations at the end though they were a mix of predictable and unpredictable ones. It was heartfelt and bittersweet. It was lovely and will make you feel the power of love and fee like destiny do exists.


Unbelievable reaction to a scary and mind-blowing event. Lindsey and Nolan were shocked but the pacing was so fast it felt like they weren’t given enough time to ponder and be scared of what the tapes were doing. Instead, they already accepted the fact that “oh hey, I’m talking to another person from another time through a tape. Great. Let’s talk more” right on the second tape. I get that they needed someone to talk to, but how they came into terms with that situation felt rushed.

Insta-love. Nolan and Lindsey literally met and talked with each other just one single time before they were sending flying kisses and saying that they love talking to each other, and then eventually saying “I love you”. The romance was not well established for me. Hence, it was hard to believe at times, especially on the beginning.

Nolan. I did not completely dislike him. In fact, I kinda liked him more than Lindsey at first. He was so consumed by emotions he kept on making impractical and bad decisions one after another it made me doubt at some point whether if he loves Lindsey or is obsessed with her. I know we couldn’t always expect adults to act like adults. Just that, it felt too much for me at some point. Giving up all those important things for someone he barely knows. Further, I was halfway through the book already and I still couldn’t remember his name. I’m not sure whether if that because his name just wasn’t being mentioned frequently, or if he’s just unremarkable. Lindsey’s character was just well written than Nolan’s for me.

Confusing and lacking parts. I found some specific thing about the time and the tapes near the end really confusing that I just could not wrap my mind around them. I also wished Aric was given more spotlight because he’s great and Lindsey’s relationship with her mom was explored more as I did love that part of the story.

The biggest question of all was not answered. Why did the tapes work like that? Is there a scientific explanation or can we just call it pure “magic”? Why Lindsey and Nolan? Is there a way to redo all that? Who made that possible? Who/what is responsible for the things that happened to the main characters? Are they the only one? The answers to these questions are the main reasons why I am so stoked for books like this. Because I want to be mind-blown. I want to imagine these things actually working in real life. I’d like to play with the thought. But this book did not make those possible. Instead, I was left wondering and feeling utterly disappointed.


A Different Time by Michael Hill has a lot of potential. I did not love it as I expected but I liked it. There are some aspects I really liked, but there are also some aspects I found lacking and did not work for me. It is a quick read tackling a unique love story, taking control of your own life and the mysteries of tapes messing with time (and people).





mike.jpgMichael K. Hill is an internationally published writer of fiction and non-fiction. His short story collection, Anansi and Beyond, is available now. His novel, A Different Time, publishes July 2, 2019. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, kids, and 7 rescued animals.

Find him here:  Website | Twitter



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