Album Covers as Book Covers (pt. 1)

Matching album covers with book covers

Hi, chums! 💖

How are you? I hope you are doing well, safe and enjoying some good books while we are in quarantine and dealing with such a hard time.


Today, I am going to match the covers of the albums on my Spotify library with the covers of the books on my Goodreads library! 🤩 I think this would be a good way to combine my love for music and books in one post and for you to know what are the kind of music I am listening to.

Initially, I wanted to include all of the albums on my Spotify library. But upon checking them, I have realized just how many they are and so I have decided to just do the first half of them and then do the others on a next post whenever I find the time and the right mood again.

Making this post also have made me realize just how many books I have added on my Goodreads shelves over the years (I currently have exactly 1,503 books!) and just as how much I am failing as a reader because literally most of those books are still on my “to-be-read shelf” and not on my “read shelf” . I just also realized that there are books on my TBR I have added around 2016 that I am not interested anymore and that I should probably let go. 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, I know.

I know.

I should stop blabbering. 🤭🤐

I had quite a lot of fun doing this post. I hope you’ll have fun seeing these album covers and book covers be “matchy-matchy” with each other too!
























Have you listened to any of the albums above? Or have you read any of these books? Do you like how these covers match? Share your thoughts below!




12 thoughts on “Album Covers as Book Covers (pt. 1)

    1. Thank you, Ate Karla! 😀 Ahah it was fun, but yeah you’ll need to have patience and a lot of time to do this. Going through 1,000+ book covers can be tough. But I think it’s worth it, ‘cuz I really enjoyed and I think they look cool. Aah yes, that is from The Surfaces! I love the vibes of their songs. ❤

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    1. Aaah thank you so much, Cas! ❤ Me too. I was actually surprised that I was able to find matches for all of them (so far, because I still have lots on my Spotify library haha).

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