Entry 1

Entry 1.

This is to the guy I’m gonna love next

Because I used to love a guy

He used to be my life

He used to be my everything

He is my high school sweetheart (ew for such words)

I gave him almost everything

He is not just this planet for me

But the entire universe

We both loved each other

I knew he loved me too

I knew he did

I felt it

I knew it was real

But things changed

Feelings changed

He left me

With nothing

He left me

With my heart crashed

With my soul still attached to him

He left me

Being nothing

I was nothing

One and a half year past

With you giving your heart

To someone else

With me

Still thinking about you

Still sheltering the memories of you

Good or bad

In a tiny place

Inside my heart


I knew better


I now finally

Finally understand

That you leaving me

Is one of the best thing

That can ever happen to me

It made me realized

How bad I am for you

How bad you are for me

And how good fate is

How good God is

For letting us go

For letting us free

Now I know,

Now I see,

There’s someone waiting for me

There’s someone who will come for me

There’s someone for me

And that someone

Is not you

This is for the next man I’m gonna love next

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