Review Policy

I read and review books under different age categories and genres, but I mostly read and review Young Adult books compared to Children’s, Middle Grade, New Adult and Adult. Hence, I cannot accept review requests of books under just any genres and categories.

Review requests I will accept:
Fantasy, Dystopian, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction (all Young Adult)

Review requests I will only sometimes accept:
Mystery (Young Adult)
New Adult

Review requests I will not accept:
Thriller, Horror, Memoir, Non-Fiction, Poetry
Children’s, Middle Grade, and Adult

Falling under the categories or genres mentioned above does not guarantee any acceptance of your request/s. I will still have to consider my schedule and interest based on your provided information. Also, before sending your request/s please consider that once I accepted your request, I wish to have the right to read and review it on the time that is most convenient for me because this is not the only thing I do and I am currently in my last year in college.

Formats I accept:
Paperback, Hardcover, epub, mobi

I prefer physical copies but will also accept ebooks. However, I prioritize physical copies since I already have way more ebooks and eARCs to review in line and I just prefer reading in physical copies.

If you wish to send me a review request, here are the information you should include in your request:

Author’s Name
Publishing Date
Available Format

You can use the form here or e-mail me at I will get back to you as fast as I can!

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